Moxon is a small prestigious company established in South Devon. We specialise in carpentry and joinery, including general building work particularly high quality repairs of old buildings which contain heritage joinery and lime mortars.

Where tradition meets expertise.

We have a commitment to excellence and a passion for traditional joinery techniques, producing many different high-quality carpentry and joinery commissions. We have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skill when it comes to building renovation, repairs and general building with a particular interest in historic and listed buildings and the preservation and restoration of such.

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Our carpentry & joinery Services

What Moxon can do for you.

At Moxon, we provide a wide range of services, including skilled joinery, heritage conservation, lime mortar work, site carpentry, general building, and timber frame construction. Our expertise and dedication ensure the quality and precision your project deserves.


Craftsmanship meets precision in our skilled joinery services, creating timeless pieces with expert attention to detail.

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Conservation, Heritage Joinery

Preserving history with a passion, our heritage joinery ensures the authenticity and beauty of historic structures.

Old stone wall

Lime Mortar Work

Traditional lime mortar craftsmanship for durable and environmentally friendly building restoration and conservation.

The Benefits of using Lime

Lime is breathable (vapour permeable), absorbing and evaporating moisture from surrounding masonry, allowing moisture to easily pass through it, whereas cement will trap and prevent moisture from escaping. Using lime plasters and lime mortars on damp walls and environments will allow the structural walls to breathe.

A build-up of moisture can lead to failed plaster, damage of structural masonry as well as causing the growth of dangerous mould and fungus’ within the home.

Cement-based plasters and renders are strong; however they lack greatly in flexibility which can easily result in cracking. Cracks in external walls will allow the ingress of water and damp. Cement render traps moisture easily and can cause the render or plaster to fall over time.

Lime whilst not as hard as cement is more flexible. It allows for movement and thermal expansion, minimising cracking and prolonging the life of plaster.

Lime-based products are much more eco-friendly as the manifesting process produces less carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). During the setting process of lime mortar, it reabsorbs carbon dioxide, therefore lowering its carbon footprint even further.

Natural lime reveals the colour and characteristics of the aggregate, offering a more attractive and traditional appearance which is often paler in colour. By using a breathable paint, lime plaster can have a modern or colourful finish.

Site Carpentry

From foundations to finishing touches, our site carpentry ensures structural integrity and fine craftsmanship.


General Building

Comprehensive construction solutions, blending expertise and innovation to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

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Timber Frame Construction

Precision and tradition merge in our timber frame constructions, adding character and strength to your project.

Recent Projects

Moxon Carpentry & Joinery Gallery

Moxon Carpentry & Joinery's gallery showcases a selection of high quality repairs and conservation of old buildings, timber frame contstructions, site carpentry, heritage joinery, lime mortar work, and general building work throughout South Devon and beyond.

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